Ron Swidler


Mr. Swidler spent nineteen years with Gettys, most recently as Senior Vice President, where he helped grow the firm into a global leader in hospitality design and development. Through his leadership and contributions, Gettys grew from four to 100 people spread throughout the world in four offices. Schooled as an Interior Designer, trained as an Interior Architect, Project Manager and Marketing Strategist, Mr. Swidler has served in numerous capacities on countless hotels and resort development and redevelopment projects in domestic and international urban and destination locations. Mr. Swidler is also recognized as the creator of the Hotel of Tomorrow Project (H.O.T. Project) in 2004, an ongoing, industry-leading think tank comprised of over 100 hospitality companies, including hotel brands, investors, operators, consultants, media and manufacturers. The H.O.T. Project envisions the future of our industry through collaboration.