Olivier Oddos

Executive Chef
Le Cordon Bleu, Tokyo

Olivier was born in Bordeaux and commenced his cookery apprenticeship in 1987. Having completed his apprenticeship, he then worked in restaurants of Relais & Chateaux for two years. Following this, Olivier decided to continue his career in Paris where he worked at the famous Drouant Restaurant well known for the Goncourt. Over a period of 5 years, Olivier worked with an MOF chef rotating though all sections of the kitchen.

During the next stage of his career, Olivier worked at the internationally famous Hotel Meurice, located in front of the Louvre garden. This proved to be a very rich experience.
After a period of 3 years, Olivier was invited to become the Sous Chef at La Tour d’Argent where he worked with Chef Bernard Guilhaudin.

In 2000, Chef Oddos joined Le Cordon Bleu . In 2003 he became the Executive Chef at the Kobe school, and in 2007 became the Executive Chef Cuisine for Japan, and Technical Director for Tokyo.