KNPR Radio Host

Max Jacobson has been a Food and Wine Journalist for more than 25 years. He was the Orange County and San Fernando Valley Food Critic for the Los Angeles Times from 1984-2000, which he regards as one of the more unsatisfying culinary periods of his life, and he made the move to Vegas in 2000, just in time to greet the influx of star chefs.

In Los Angeles, though, he had a drive time radio show for two years, so he did manage to eat in all the restaurants Ruth Reichl and Irene Virbila claimed for the Los Angeles Times Metro edition, so all was not lost. He can be heard on KNPR every other Friday, with co-host John Curtas, the topic, of course, food.

Here in Vegas, he was Las Vegas Life Restaurant Editor from 2000-2008, when the magazine ceased publication, a Contributing Editor for Vegas Magazine, and also a critic for the Las Vegas Weekly, a position he holds today.
What makes him unique are his language skills; he speaks Japanese, Finnish, French, Italian and Cantonese, among others, and is known to be an Asian food expert. He has traveled extensively-to more than ninety countries, and so his take on ethnic foods tends to favor authenticity. He lives in Las Vegas with his Nepal-born wife, Setu, and has no dogs, cats or plants.


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