Mark DeCarlo

Travel Channel TV Host
Taste of America with Mark DeCarlo

Mark’s current series is the aptly named ”Taste of America with Mark DeCarlo”, in its 4th season on the Travel Channel.  Mark also thrives behind the camera. In 1998, he formed GlugginMARX Productions with Mark L. Walberg, to create and produce TV shows. Their first effort, the Hallmark Channel’s Sunday Dinner, featured celebrities reuniting with their families to cook and share stories.

After 12 years of Chicago parochial education, Mark escaped to UCLA and began his stand up comedy career. Broke, he appeared on the NBC game show Sale of the Century, and became Sale’s all-time champion, winning $115,736. He began doing stand up and has performed at The Improvs, Laugh Factories, and Comedy Store among others.

He founded The Frayed Knots! a six member improv/sketch group, and directed and performed with the group for five years.  In 1988 Mark was hired by The Second City, as a founding member of the legendary troupe’s West Coast sketch company.  He then hosted STUDS, which became a breakout hit in syndication and ran for 580 episodes.  In May of 1994, he created, Executive Produced and hosted the ground breaking late night comedy/talk show Goodnight America for its only season. In 1997, Mark returned to Fox hosting Big Deal, a primetime Sunday night comedy show. Mark also hosted the popular FX late night comedy, The X Show, for its first season, leaving the show in June 2000 after 220 episodes, to act in shows like; Seinfeld, Oliver Beene, Boy Meets World, Evening at the Improv, Matlock, The Ben Stiller Show, HBO’s Tracey Takes On...,  and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Mark has voiced characters on many cartoons such as, Duckman, Real Monsters, Rugrats, the #1 IMAX Box Office hit Santa vs. The Snowman, and is a regular in Steve Oedekirk’s THUMB-series of SHOWTIME comedy specials, including ThumbTanic, Thumb Wars, the Godthumb and as Hugh Neutron in the Nickelodeon’s Jimmy Neutron (Academy Award nominated film and TV series).  The Jack Cash Show, a comedy game show, features Mark as the voice of Jack Cash, the cartoon donkey host.

As far as movies go-Mark played God in the romantic comedy Three Days, selected for the Chicago International Film Festival.  He’s also appeared in Three to Tango, A Wake in Providence, and A Fare to Remember. In 2003 he had 5 films released: Betty Thomas’ R3, a Guffman-esque comedy about reality TV, Raising Helen, a comedy from Garry Marshall, Raising Genius, a comedy with Wendi Malick and Steven Root, the courtroom drama Black Hole, and a comedy about behind the scenes in the world of porn, The Making of Touche. In 2005 he played Carmine “Beans” Pasquale in the feature Mobsters and Mormons, and appears in Christopher Guest’s 2006 film, “For Your Consideration.”

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