John Mikulic

Architect/Design Consultant
Hoteliers International Corporation
Award-Winning Managment Company

DC Group + Newline Design is an architectural & interior design practice based in the Melbourne.
The organisation was established in 1986 by director Jon Mikulic and since that time has retained and expanded its client base to become experienced in a wide range of projects including Commercial, Hospitality, Institutional, Industrial ,Retail, Residential. Clients range in scale from multi-national companies to individual domestic clients. 

DC Group + Newline Design provides a comprehensive range of in-house consultative services. These include easibility studies, master planning, architectural design, interior design, documentation, contract administration, project management.  With expertise in so many areas and a dedicated team of professionals, they are in a unique position to provide clients with a completely integrated approach, ensuring that the building process runs smoothly and efficiently from inception to completion.   

Jon and his team have established a reputation for quality design.  Crucial to their design approach is a thorough understanding of the clients’ objectives.  The client brief forms a clear and cohesive statement that is then translated into a unique design solution expressing a sense of  individuality and innovation. The parameters of context, function, constructability and maintainablity are carefully considered throughout the design process to ensure that the architecture is responsible and timeless.

DC Group + Newline Design maintain a strong commitment to excellence and through their continuing tradition of personalised professional service, they ensure that projects are delivered to their clients on time and on budget.  Their attention to detail throughout every stage of the project is fundamental to their success.