Janice bissell

Environmental Design Research Association

Janice Bissell joined Stafford King Wiese ARCHITECTS in 1991.  In her role as facility planner, Janice is responsible for leading client committees through the programming and planning of their project, and recently took on the responsibility of establishing a research and development sector within our firm that focuses on educational facility design.  Though her research is focused on educational facilities, Janice's professional experience includes civic, healthcare, and commerical projects.  Previous to working at SKWA, Janice has nine years experience as a project manager working for other California architecture firms, including Nacht & Lewis Architects, Mau-Haidet-Hyde-Schroeder Architects & Associates, and Farrar Williams Architects.

Janice has a Ph.D. in architecture with minors in education and organizational sociology from the University of California, Berkeley. Her dissertation, Teacers' Construction of Space and Place: A study of school architectural design as a context of secondary school teachers' work, examines teachers' use of school facilities as it relates to the many aspects of their daily work.  Related articles she has written include "Teachers' Construction of Space and Place: The method in the madness" published in a special edition of the British educational journal Forum for promoting 3-19 comprehensive education, "The Physical Environment as a Context of Teachers' Work and School Reform" published in the 2002 EDRA Proceedings and "The School as a Workplace," which appeared in Architecture California.   Janice received her Master of Architecture under the guidance of Jerry Weisman at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, and a degree in Design from the University of California, Davis.