Dr. Chilin Cheng, Ph.D.

CEO, Taiwain Green Building Council
Board Member, World Green Building Council

Born and raised in Taiwan, Dr. Cheng completed his undergraduate in chemistry education and with a MS. Degree in Safety Management from  USC at Los Angeles and second MS. Degree of Environmental Science & Technology from the Netherlands and Ph. D. in Environmental Safety at PWU. He joined the research by team at the Space Sciences laboratory and lectured at Yuan Ze University and around the Pacific rim area. Also some research program with Taiwan University where he managed the project design and development, he was involved in r & d efforts, covering a wide variety of environment, safety and health development work for manufacturing and construction. As a general manager of SKW, he had assignments and was responsible for domestic and international high-tech company management, offshore division start up from planing to operational status, as well as turnaround management of under performing projects or divisions. He is founder of Chinese American Environmental Professional Association in Taipei and founder / CEO of Taiwan Green Building Council and director of World Green Building Council. Many of these assignments were in US and Asia. A senior citizen retirement green building project is under processing in 2007.