Carol Selva Rajah, BA, Dip Ed., Dip Multicultural Ed 

TV Food Host, Malaysia & Singapore
Leading Australian Consultant, Author, Educator
& Restaurant Critic

Carol Selva Rajah is one of Australia’s leading experts on Asian cuisine. The award-winning author of eleven cookbooks on South East Asian cooking was the first Australian woman to cook at the James Beard House in New York City. In 2000, she won the Jaguar Gourmet Traveler award for excellence in Gastronomic Travel and in 2006 she was honored as one of Australia’s Great Women Chefs. Carol had her own long-running TV cooking show and is a frequent guest on air. Her writing appears in Australian Gourmet Traveler, the Sydney Morning Herald, and she was Associate Editor of Food and Travel (Singapore). She runs master cooking classes in Malaysia and Australia, lectures on food history, and is a member of the IACP, IFWTWA, the Food Media Club of Australia, and the International Slow Food Movement. She is currently at work on a culinary history of five generations of her pan-Asian family. Heavenly Fragrances, her book on Asian herbs and spices, will be released in late 2007 by Tuttle Publishing.