Anitra Brown

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Anitra Brown is Guide to Spas for, the leading online source for original consumer information and
advice owned by the New York Times Company, and a New York state licensed esthetician.  Brown is also a contributor to "1000 Places To See in the USA and Canada Before You Die" (Workman June 2007), and has written for Gourmet, New York, Robb Report, Spa Magazine, Hudson Valley, and Westchester magazines.  "I started getting facials as soon as I got my first job in New York City and have loved spas and spa treatments ever since. 

I wrote about food and wine for many years, including working as a restaurant reviewer for Hudson Valley and Westchester magazines.  But the rich food was getting to me.  When I got my first spa assignment I realized that I was profoundly drawn to the spa culture of wellness and began to specialize in that.  

To answer a lot of technical questions that came up, I went back to school to become an esthetician -- the people who give you facials -- and now work part-time in a resort spa.  I love that it's a hands-on, helping profession, but it also helps me write about what you should look for in a spa."