Andrea Lita Rademan

Vice President & Culinary Division Director
International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association

Andrea Rademan is the Vice President and Culinary Division Director of the International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association. Her writing, which covers topics from food and travel to arts and entertainment and beauty, is published worldwide. She has contributed to and edited several books and been a judge at international culinary festivals. 

Board Member, International Press Academy (film)
Member Slow Food Society and Culinary Historians 
Advisory Board All Asia and Latin Food Expositions 
Present and Past Editorial Clients (partial); Rolls Royce; 
Elite Traveler (CE); Los Angeles Magazine; Philadelphia 
Inquirer; Asian Wall Street Journal; Millionaire Magazine;
Hollywood Reporter; Forbes Global;;; Heritage (CE); Entertainment Today; 
EAT Magazine; In Magazine; Indian Times (AC); Estylo; 
Venice A&E Mag. (CE); ritmo BEAT (CE);;
Sushi & Sake (CE); Westside Chronicle (columnist); 
Brisbane Star (AC); Kitchen Culture FOOD & TRAVEL (AC); 
Nightlife (EIC); Ingenue Mag. (CE); 13 Minutes Mag.; 
Latin Style (CE); KoreAm Journal;; 
Global Inflight Mags.; Book Editor; Event Presenter and Judge;
American Reporter (syndicated); Radio: KFI; WKGO; KNX