ALAn Coxon

TV Celebrity Chef
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Alan Coxon is a leading British Food Archaeologist and TV Celebrity Chef. (A veritable Indiana Jones of the food world!)

His culinary experience has seen him in top class establishments for nearly 26 years, cooking in Michelin star restaurants in locations such as Monte Carlo cooking for the likes of Princess Grace, Frank Sinatra and Royalty from around the globe. Alan also became the head chef of the largest four star hotel in Europe, based in Paris opening the hotel that boasted 1098 rooms and leading an
international culinary brigade of 63 chefs.

Now based in the UK  Alan has been working on TV shows for BBC Food, entitled  "Coxon`s Royal Feast" cooking with the likes of the South African Zulu King and tribal leaders in outback locations in deepest Southern Africa, as well as "Coxon`s Sporting Feast " that involved Alan cooking with sporting legends such as South Africa's former Rugby Captain Francois Pianaar , runner Zola Budd and Golfer Gary Player.

His Uk TV shows have included "Great Food live" on Sky TV , "Open House with Gloria Hunniford"(Channel 5) , and "Ever Wondered about Food" ( BBC 2)to name but a few. Alan's interest and passion is to dig up an ingredients historical past and trace it to the food we eat today. His passion has led him to create a  new food range that includes Ancient Historic Vinaigres and historic  Spice Rubs.

For the past 8 years Alan has been developing and creating and re-creating 3 unique products that once adorned the tables of the Mighty Roman Emperors, the15th Century Medieval Knights and the Ancient Greeks. Alan firmly believes that as a chef  you need to be able to look back in order to move forward, and his creations are literally a taste of the past for kitchens of the future.

Coxon`s 15th century old English Ale-Gar is the biggest contender to a Balsamic in 150 years. The Ale-Gar has been brewed using a 15th century old English recipe and can be used in exactly the same way as a balsamic, but holds a completely unique flavour. Alan's Ancient Greek Vinaigre is light , pink and feminine and is wonderful used in oriental dishes, whilst Coxon`s Roman Vinaigre is wonderful as a dressing. All three vinaigres are now ready for the global market, and are to be launched at Selfridges store on Oxford street UK as from January 2008.

Alan is a dedicated promoter of regional and seasonal food, passionate about and committed to the hospitality industry.
Alan is a member of the Academy of Culinary Arts, Association Culinaire Francaise, Euro Toques, Hotel and Catering International Management association, and a Masterchef of Great Britain. He has won 5 Gold Medals at international Salon Culinaires for his fat sculptures and has written 3 cookbooks,with his latest being "Ready in Minutes" (finalist in the global Cook book of the year 2006!)
Alan enjoys sharing his love of food and his in-depth  knowledge and can be heard every Saturday as the dinner doctor on BBC radio. In addition to this Alan writes for three UK food magazines about food and travel. For more information about Alan please visit